How To Be A Bank Teller – Why NOW Is The Only Time!

Becoming a bank teller is a great career decision if you’re looking to explore your options in banking and finance careers.  How to be a bank teller is something you should know. – More importantly – YOU need to be asking yourself if NOW is the right time to take the plunge and try your hand at becoming a teller.


You Have Competition As A Bank Teller – It’s Not The Kind You Think Though…

That’s right, besides other qualified applicants, you’re also competing with, an ever growing, technology and service market – focused on allowing customers to do their own banking.   This presents a problem if you’re planning to wait to become  a teller.  As an example Chase Bank has made online banking so easy that you can even deposit checks remotely via a mobile picture.  Take a picture of the check, click deposit, and that’s it.  A job once reserved only for a bank teller is now being done in minutes by the customer.

There is good news, however!   Now will be the perfect time to get into a position as a bank teller, as technology rapidly reduces the traditional duties of tellers, I predict that the Tellers, those already employed, are going to be retrained to focus on sales, conversions, and other job duties.    While technology presents an obstacle, like most things, there is also opportunity.

If you can get that Job as bank teller and gather the valuable banking experience so many employers crave, you will have a much smoother ride to promotion, and other opportunities in banking.  If you’re looking for a foot in the door, and want to try banking as a career path, becoming a bank teller, in my opinion, is still the preferred route!




  • nabilah a hilaby

    i need school that can help me to come bank teller,the right school ,please help me what school can i attending ,i am new in newyork ,thank you

    • gabrielle

      hey, i became a teller by gaining experience first through the previous jobs i had which were with floral shops and supermarkets. there are also cash handling certificates you can go for. good luck and best wishes you can definitely work your way to being a teller if you really want it and its not that difficult like going to school for 10 years haha =)

  • Hi,
    I am very pleased to have this opportunity about how to become a bank teller and i know this is the best time for me to work of what i desperately aim for my future . I live in Porirua Wellington New Zealand and i am really need if theres any training bank teller course around to help me of what i what i want to be.
    I have just completed my Diploma of Business administration to help me to attain my immediate goal is to attain the position in the administration whereby I can put into practice what I have learnt through my studies.
    I also have previous experience as cashier and dealing with customer,what im actually looking for now is the training course of how to become a bank teller to help me further my skills.
    I assure if I have given any chance from you. I will do my best.

    Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.