Bank Teller Test

Bank Teller Test – The Basics

If you’re eyeing a career as a bank teller, then you need to know ahead of time how it is absolutely necessary that you have superior public relations and communication skills. Tellers are a bank’s most exposed personnel. As a teller, you will basically dealing with all the bank’s customers, and how you relate with and extend the bank’s services to them will spell a lot for the success or growth of the institution. It is for this reason that you should expect a rigorous screening procedure before you can enter into the profession. You need to prepare and educate yourself prior to filing your application so as not to be expending your efforts for naught.

Bank Teller Test – Initial Assessment

One of the screening procedures you will have to undergo is the Bank Teller Assessment Test. This test is designed to gauge whether or not you are fit for the career you are venturing into. Some areas that the examination will cover include communication skills, bank teller skills, numerical skills, coding and logic, and attention to details. The test is divided into two sections, specifically language fluency and math. The modes of test administration differ from one institution to another. Some banks will have you take the test on a computer while some will opt for the paper-and-pencil method. The duration of the exam can span from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how fast you are able to answer all the questions.

Bank Teller Test – Language Fluency

The language fluency section of the exam includes reading comprehension and vocabulary questions. This will test how effective you will be as a communicator in dealing with clients. The math section of the exam is intended to gauge your arithmetic skills as well as your logical skills. The use of calculators will depend on the test administrator, so brushing up on your basic math skills would really be a big help.

Communication and numerical skills are extremely vital tools that every aspiring bank teller should have at the ready. This is so for two simple reasons: One, communication does not only involve how well you talk but also how well you listen and extract information from the bank’s clients. Two, since tellers are expected to handle a lot of money, dependable mathematical skills will help you think on your feet and determine inconsistencies and irregularities quickly.

The Bank Teller Assessment Test, however, does not cover technical banking stuff. It simply determines your personal capacity to handle the responsibilities set before you. Upon passing the screening procedure, you will be undergoing a lot of training in order to harness the skills that you already have to fit into the position you are applying for.