Bank Teller Promotion

Ever wonder if bank tellers ever get promoted? Well I can assure you they do. This week I had lunch with an old friend I had not seen in a while, he recently moved back home from Chicago where he was working as a bank teller. Before that he was working as bank teller in Nashville.

Do Bank Tellers Actually Get Promoted?

At lunch I asked him how things were going with his career in banking and if he was still doing telling. He was happy to tell me that he had been promoted to a personal banker and was now certified as a banker with one the countries largest banks. I was impressed and happy for him that he was able to pick a path, make a plan, and really execute on it.

About 4 or 5 years ago he said that he was going to start working as a teller and work his way up the ranks. After getting more insight I realized that while the journey from bank teller to banker seemed like it took a long time for him to acheive, in retrospect it actually wasn’t that long. My friend, Dan, is now in line to become the manager of the bank he is currently serving as a banker in!

So to all of you who are doubting if you really can do this job, if it will really get you where you want to be going, or if bank tellers actually get promoted; let my friend’s successes as a bank teller serve as a reminder that you truly can accomplish the goals you set for yourself. The trick is, especially for becoming a bank teller, that you have to be willing to do what it takes to accomplish your goals.

Getting a bank teller promotion or even going higher than the level of bank teller is within your reach and I know that you’re more than capable of going out there and getting the bank teller position OR promotion! Especially, maybe even only, if your willing to earn the position of bank teller as opposed to just trying to coast through. Dan told me the biggest reason he was promoted from bank teller to personal banker was because he showed up everyday and did his BEST! I know that we are all capable of that and more!

The resounding answer is YES! BUT it will depend on your effort!

Dan went from an entry level bank teller to a certified banker in a matter of years! If that sounds too long to you, then maybe this might not be the career for you, but then again don’t let something like time stop you! Dan entered the banking industry in 2008, and I’m sure some of you, most of you, remember the dire financial situation most banks and institutions found themselves in. In reality it could take you a much shorter time, or even longer, but in the end it won’t really matter if you’re pursuing a career path that you find rewarding.

So here’s to you and your first job as a bank teller AND to your first promotion! Stay tuned for more!