Bank Teller Practice Scenario

While working as a teller there are guaranteed to be times when someone walks up and asks to make a deposit or withdraw only to realize that they have forgotten their Identification or debit card at home. This is one of many scenarios a bank teller may face, when dealing with people it is always best to expect the unexpected and to fall back on protocol if an unusual situation occurs.

Bank Tellers Deal With The Public – Expect The Unexpected

Always remember that as a bank teller you are acting as an accountant, administrator, customer service agent and sales team. Your roles on a daily basis will have you wearing several different hats in a given shift, it’s best to be prepared to meet these challenges before they arise. One piece of personal advice for bank tellers, and those working with the public in general, always be sure to RESPOND and not react to situations as they present themselves. Calmer heads prevail and this is especially true in customer service.

Remember To Respond to situations – not React to them