Bank Teller Job Description

The First Step to Be a Bank Teller is to Know Exactly What You are Signing up For!

We all have our ideas about what a specific job or position demands of the person performing it, however, things seem to change when you actually have to walk a mile in their shoes. One of the very best ways to prepare for a job interview as a bank teller is to READ the Job Description!

If You Want to be a Bank Teller Read the Job Description

Here is an example of a typical job description for a bank teller at Citi Bank:

Position Summary:

The Teller delivers excellent client service and maximizes client solutions by identifying referral opportunities for new products and services based on the customer’s financial goals while performing efficient and accurate banking transactions.

Position Responsibilities:

• Deliver outstanding client service by executing financial transactions in accordance with bank policies and procedures while maintaining an acceptable record in daily drawer balancing.

• Resolve account service issues and respond to client inquires promptly and effectively.

• Adhere to operational controls, including legal, corporate, and regulatory procedures to ensure the safety and security of customer and bank assets.

• Drive efforts in the branch to identify and implement a positive overall client experience.

• Deepen client relationships by effectively executing all services and referring bank products while achieving goals through daily sales activities and branch sales promotions.

• Proactively educate clients on utilizing available access channels (i.e. ATM, Online and Telephone Banking).

• Continuously learn new and existing products through sales aids (features, benefits, fees, etc.).

The information listed within this Description
summary is intended to indicate the general nature and level of work. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive account of all the responsibilities, and/or minimum qualifications required of an employee assigned to this position.

NOTE: You may be required to take a timed online assessment once you complete an online profile. If you need to take the assessment, you will either be directed to do immediately or you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the assessment within the next few days. Please ensure that your email address is accurate on our system, and please note that the assessment invitation may go into your spam folder rather than to your inbox. The assessment will require 45-60 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete.

Education: High school diploma, GED or equivalent relevant experience (12 months cumulative work experience in a role of similar scope and responsibility) required.


• Sales, cashier or other money-handling experience desired

• Client service orientation

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Analytical and problem solving skills

• Basic computer skills

• Retail/sales experience preferred

Who Knew it Took so Much Effort to be a Bank Teller

You may have noticed that throughout the job description their were two words that appeared over and over again. What were they? SERVICE AND SKILLS! If you haven’t learned yet how to make connections quickly to get your foot in the door as a bank teller then these two attributes will take you a long way; maybe even get you the job.

Being a Bank Teller Requires a Commitment to Service.

If you put the skills aspects such as money handling, basic arithmetic, problem solving and computer skills aside the whole purpose of which the position of Bank Teller coalesces around is SERVICE.

If you don’t like dealing with people this isn’t the job for you!

With that said, if, after reading the job description you are still interested I encourage you to press on. If you can talk to people and provide great customer service then you can be a bank teller!

  • Kirk Allen

    I am seeking information in regards to what units / studies my year 10 daughter should be looking at doing in her year 11 and year 12 HSC years to be eligible for a career in banking , we need to have these studies / units entered by 31.07.13, so any information you could send would be greatly appreciated.

    • Anything in money handling, banking, economics, customer service, sales, marketing, and finance will work well!

  • Aida

    I have the best customer service, I have 30 years expriance in retail,,handled business budget and balancing cash registers for 20 retail stores, I have computer skills , I love working with people,

    • Aida

      I have retail experience for 30 years, mean customer service and handling money,

      • Aida,

        Then this really does sound like a perfect fit for you! With your skill sets and personality I imagine you’ll do well!

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