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Why become a bank teller? Besides the on the job training, this entry level position, allows you to get your foot in the door and start a career in banking.

If you’ve always wanted to work in banking or finance, but weren’t sure if you had the right credentials, I think you’ll be suprised to know that becoming a bank teller is likely within your grasp.

There is one thing you need to do in order to be successful as a bank teller. It pains me to write this as I know how many people pursue a career path only to be disappointed with the realities of the job.

The one thing you need to do first to be a successful bank teller is:

Know What The Job Entails and If Your Personality Is A Good Fit For It!

I’ve mentioned a few times that one of the most important bank teller responsibilities is being a represenative for the bank. You’re representing the financial institution you work for each and every time you interact with a customer.

Remember, you’ll be talking to different people all day long, some happy, some less than that. If meeting new people daily, small talk, and working with details or numbers sounds like an exciting prospect, then being a bank teller could be the right job for you.

BUT if you think that you’d really struggle with the extroverted nature of the work then I would, strongly, suggest reconsidering this career path.

So you’ve decided you like working with people, have the communication skills necessary, and are willing to learn the rules and procedures of working in a bank?

Let’s get going then…

************CHAPTER 1:*************

Understanding The Position of Bank Teller: Following The Rules

We’ve all likely chatted with our local bank teller while making a deposit or withdrawal. Maybe you even have a friendly relationship with your bank teller.

However, do you really understand what they have to do in a day to accomplish their job?

Besides customer experience bank tellers have a variety of job duties that require varying levels of expertise, and most times, a high level of attention to detail.

Since financial institutions are regulated by various agencies, both government and private, they are obligated to abide by those regulations and follow certain operating procedures.

When first starting your career as a bank teller you may not always understand why certain rules are the way they are, but nevertheless, it’s vital you follow the operating procedures for your bank.

If you’re willing to learn and follow the operating procedures of your bank then half the battle is already won. Banks are looking for tellers that can provide friendly, professional, and helpful service! The only way to do that in a financial institution is to understand the rules so that you can better serve your customers.

Often your bank will create promotions to attract or retain customers. Part of your job as a teller is to help convey the benefits of those promotions to the customer. For example say your bank was offering a $100 bonus for opening a new savings account if they don’t already have one. Your job as the teller would be to make the customer aware of the promotion and the obvious benefit to them. Selling as a teller is something that has to be done with tact. Hard sale techniques probably are not going to work as well in this position as it could in others. For example you can’t refuse to make a deposit for a customer if they don’t want to take part in a promotion. You could however explain that if they open a savings account and deposit $100, the bank will put $100 into the account as well, so it really is a win-win for them.

Being a bank teller isn’t all about just counting money…

Bank Tellers wear many hats in a day, from book keeper, customer support, all the way to sales and marketing.

So what else do Bank Tellers Do?

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