How To Be A Bank Teller

Interested in Learning How To Be a Bank Teller and Starting a Successful Career in Banking and Finance?


If you’re worried that the tests, skills and requirements for being a bank teller are out of reach let me tell you that you would be RIGHT! Let me qualify what I mean by that. When I was fresh out of college with a degree in business I was searching for my first “real” job.   If you’re wondering how to be a bank teller, please read on.  You see, I felt that an entry level position, as a bank teller was the perfect place for me to start climbing the ladder to success, not only that I thought it would be easy! I was WRONG…

Being A Teller In A Bank – The Interview

If you have not interviewed yet for a position as a Bank Teller there are a few things you need to know. The first is to brush up on your math skills. After completing the standard questionnaire regarding your background information you will be required to take and pass a math and problem solving test.

This is as far as most people get, the test, in my opinion, was difficult, and required me to reach into those long forgotten crevices of my brain where rudimentary math skills are stored.

If you feel that your math and money skills are not up to date do not fear! I have built this site with you in mind.

What happens after you complete the test? The answer is NOTHING! Your resume as well as countless others are funneled to the hiring department.

Bank TellerHave you heard that most new jobs go to people that have a connection or referall at the company they are applying for? I know I have! However I never believed that my talent, personable attitude and well rounded interviewing skills couldn’t get me the job. Well it turns out that sometimes, maybe more so in finance,  connections can be important. Whether implied or blatant it is imperative that you find your insiders edge when applying for a position as a bank teller.

How To Be A Bank Teller Can Be Easy Or Difficult Depending On What You’re Looking For

Here’s why! How many people do you know that need a job? If you were in a position to hire a friend, former co-worker or even a family member would you show preference to them? What about if the candidate told you that YOUR boss advised them to give you their application? Would you look at things differently then?

Get The Bank Teller Job – First Impressions Last

Well what happens if you don’t have a connection at the bank or some other inherent advantage over the competition? You wont get the JOB! That’s what will happen. The job will go to someone that has demonstrated their connections and/or ability more effectively than YOU!

Some may find it crude but I learned, the hard way, that to be a Bank Teller you have to follow the 6 P’s: Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance! You have to plan on how to beat out the competition and get the job, your nice attitude, pressed suite and college references, if you’re lucky enough to have those things, are not going to get you the job! I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t know it were true! From experience I can tell you that a little prior planning and training can go a long way to getting you the job you want

Think about! Banks are great places to work as far as hours and benefits are concerned, so why would it be easy to get one of the few entry level positions?

Why Isn’t it Easy to Get an Entry Level Job as a Bank Teller?

As I was saying above it’s not easy because it is a good job that can lead into a successful career in finance or banking.

There is a myriad of people competing for these positions, from people like me who were entry level college graduates to people that have experience in fast food or mortgage banking. The demand is high for this position as it can serve as a career OR a stepping stone to a position with more responsibility.

Is it starting to make sense? If you’ve been on a few interviews for a bank teller position and even after passing the test and acing the interviews you still didn’t get the job what I am about to share with you is critical.

You didn’t prepare by utilizing Bank Teller Training!

It wasn’t that stale joke you told or the smell of your perfume, it was your inability to set yourself apart from the HUGE list of other qualified candidates.  

Becoming a bank teller can be a very challenging, but rewarding career, it takes time and effort to get the job that you want, but if you’re focused and willing to do what it takes to update your skills, and prepare for the job you will find success. The math and money handling may seem overwhelming but with a little preperation you can master these things before your interview. Brushing up on the right math skills and practicing money handling with monopoly money (or something similar), be able to tender cash back to customers in different combinations. For example be able to quickly know how to break a hundred in several ways (ex. 5 $20’s, 10 $10’s, 2 $50’s) then work up to more complicated stuff like if someone wants you to break a hundred and they need a $10, a $5 and $5 1’s. (More than one way to do this but you get the idea 4 $20’s 1 $10 1 $5 and 5 $1’s) Be able to tender that quickly and that will help you succeed and feel confident before the job interview.

Don’t be afraid to let the interviewer know that you took it upon yourself to brush up on your math and money handling skills. If they’re a competent manager they will likely be very impressed and take an interest in you as you’ve already shown that you’re serious about becoming a bank teller and have invested time of your own in learning how to be one. I would say that is a great way to turn around the question “What is your money handling experience”. Saying “none” doesn’t work. Saying something like “While I have no formal handling experience, I have read up and practiced money handling in preparation for becoming a bank teller (or “for this interview”) and feel I can confidently demonstrate my ability to handle money”

For more information and tips I highly suggest you check out the Becoming a Bank Teller eBook, which is 100% free for you to enjoy. I wrote it a while ago but the information still holds true, if not truer, today.

You can see here, in a recent post, why NOW really is the time to be a bank teller!